One-off inspections are carried out literally only once, for instance, after a fire, storm, flood, accidents, etc.

Periodic inspections are inspections that are of the utmost importance to the client if he/she wants to stay informed about the efficiency, the security and the state of his installations. Regular inspections of the installations ensure their longer lifespan. Additionally, shutdowns can be planned more efficiently and will take up less time.

We are available 24/7, in case of emergencies.



Regular inspections of transmission towers are of vital importance to the electricity supply. Because our UAVs are equipped with cutting-edge technology sensors, we are able to collect crystal-clear (video) images from a safe distance. In comparison with images collected by helicopter, this results in a substantial cut in costs and a heavily reduced impact on the environment.

These inspections enable us to not only monitor the metal structures of the towers, but also to check the condition of the isolators, shock absorbers and other aspects.

In case of emergency, we are able to quickly take off and we are able to make images that can be used to brief the maintenance teams.



  • Cost reduction because of lower personnel and operating costs.
  • Reducing the inspection time.
  • Improved quality due to high resolution images and different visual approach.
  • Increase the safety due to unmanned flight platform and no danger to the staff.



  • Periodic checks.
  • Estimation of damage, detailed analysis of network error, etc.
  • Analysis of grown plants around the routes.
  • Planing path.
Solar panels02
Fast, save, cost efficient


The authorities, the industry, and the consumers are all looking for energy sources that are “greener” but still remain reasonably priced.


Quality is of fundamental importance to solar panels. Flawless operation is needed in order to guarantee efficiency in energy production, a long lifespan and a high return-on-investment. To ensure this flawlessness of operation, a quick, simple and trustworthy method is needed to evaluate the performance of the solar panel after it has been installed.

By using a UAV in combination with an infrared camera, we are able to evaluate large-scale solar parks as well as panels on the roofs of private houses.

An inspection performed right after your installation was put into service will provide an informative point of reference for subsequent periodic follow-up monitoring. Only through thermal inspections via aerial photos can defects and inefficiencies be detected in time. This will eventually result in lower costs.


  • Early detection of faults on the solar modules (hot-spots).
  • Optimal recording angle for thermal imaging.
  • No measurements on the current modules necessary.
  • Employees are not exposed to hazards.
  • Enormous cost reduction through the use of Aibotix X6.
  • Live image transmission to the monitor.
  • Time saving and more economical than conventional methods.


  • When commissioning, measurement of a reference.
  • End of waranty.
  • For reccuring yearly inspections.
  • For emergencies.
brug inspectie


It is generally known that buildings and bridges will eventually become dilapidated. Whether through natural causes and/or manmade causes, the smallest of ruptures or metal corrosion can result in enormous catastrophes. These defects may occur unnoticed because bridges are often inaccessible. Regular inspection of critical points is essential to both preventative and future maintenance. Conventional inspections can be very dangerous and typically require the use of scaffoldings, climbers, and inspection materials that require roads to be blocked, which may result in traffic jams.

With a UAV, bridges, buildings and constructions are being made more accessible to inspections in comparison with traditional inspection methods such as helicopters, scaffoldings, cranes, industrial climbers, etc.



  •  Cost-effective through minimal deployment of personnel and lower processing costs.
  • A decrease in inspection time per bridge or construction.
  • Increased security.
  • On-top Cost amera mount, whereby the camera is placed on top of the UAV in order to inspect the bottom part of a bridge.



  • Regular inspections (major and minor inspection / Over flight).
  • Damage Investigations => rust, water damage, storm damage, detailed analysis, etc.
  • Route Planning.


Visual inspections of wind turbines and rotor blades can be followed up accurately by the use of UAVs. It is important that essential parts be inspected quickly and thoroughly. Because inspections through the use of UAVs are quicker and safer than other methods, more blades can be inspected per day. Certain inspections can take place without the interruption of the production process.



  • Work conditions are safer.
  • Costs are being cut.
  • Shutdowns are shorter.
  • Blades do not have to be repositioned.
  • Flexible: we are able to take off within 10 minutes.



  • End of the warranty period.
  • For recurring yearly inspections.
  • For condition-oriented inspections.
  • For due-diligence inspections.