Apart from making unique photos and video images from the sky, DroneworX technology is also able to use its UAVs for numerous other purposes. Because we are able to deploy our techniques quickly, simply and inexpensively, we are open to numerous applications.


Aerial images are ideal for putting objects in the right perspective. A flying robot can quickly scan over real estate properties, industrial and architectural sites, roads and open terrain, and generate impressive images for documentation, advertising and publicity. The flight copter can capture detailed images during public events, like sports games and concerts. It can also seize the atmosphere of such events, display sponsor logos, and then transfer these images directly onto the screen of the venue.


Our UAV can be equipped with different camera systems, and deliver high-resolution, technically flawless aerial images. Also, they are incredibly flexible as the UAV and the camera can be manipulated independently of each other. The camera picture will transfer immediately onto the monitor on the ground, so that image composition and quality can be comfortably supervised on the whole flight. The built-in camera stabilization guarantees blur- free images, even in windy (max. 5 beaufort) and other unfavorable weather conditions.
luchtfotografie kraan


Our UAVs save you time and money when making aerial photos because these unmanned aircrafts are small, handy and quick. Expensive helicopter flights, cranes and elaborate setups involving tripods and cameras are no longer needed. By making a flight plan that can be sent to the UAV, it is easy for the UAV to follow routes that were established in advance.


Our UAVs are able to carry expensive cameras and other equipment safely and this way, they are able to deliver professional photos from a bird’s-eye perspective. They can be deployed indoors as well as outdoors.

The future of inspections 2


Project development

Companies in the entire construction sector are able to profit from the possibilities on offer by DroneworX technology. The entire building process can be monitored from the sky and due to this, an overview can be kept. Prior to a project, photos can be made for artistic impressions or in order to get a good impression of, for instance, the building that has to be renovated. Aerial photos that have been made during or after the project, are perfectly fit for presentation purposes. This way, we are able to take a photo during each stage of the building process, and we can process it into a film that literally shows the building rising out of the ground.

Real estate and investment projects

Prospective buyers and developers often get their first impressions of a plot or building while looking at photos. Make a good first impression in a blink of an eye by showing off the entire parcel and its position in the surroundings.

Media and journalism

DroneworX technology offers its services also for journalistic purposes. Newspapers, weekly magazines and websites usually place only one image to an article. Contrary to a conventional photographer, DroneworX technology is able to deliver a total overview of the subject at hand in a spectacular way that will attract everybody’s attention.

DroneworX technology is quickly deployable and always prepared, so you do not have to miss anything.
DroneworX technology always provides you with razor-sharp images, whenever and wherever needed.


Organizers of musical and sports events are now given the chance to create unique promotional material. Aerial photos of events offer a wonderful overview of the day, and offer an overwhelming image of the scale of your event. Use these images on your website and/or in promotional campaigns. That way, you are able to steal the show, even after it has ended.

Marketing and publicity

De AIBOT X6 in actie
DroneworX technology offers its services to companies that are looking for innovative ideas for promotional actions.

360 Panoramic tours

360 panoramafoto van golfclub
Another impressive service on offer by DroneworX technology are 360-degree panoramic tours, recorded from the sky in combination with additional ground photography. This can be compared with Google Street View, only from the sky. These panoramic tours are extremely well suited to enable viewers to have a look at a city, industrial terrain, camp site, golf course, marina, amusement park, zoo or any other recreational terrain through an interactive presentation on the Internet. Important information can be added and can be requested by visitors to the website.